Until now, we haven’t posted online about the ongoing protest movement sweeping the country. If we wanted to make excuses, we could say that we’ve already been dealing with the challenge of trying to run our business without employees and figuring out how/when to rehire.

But also, we didn’t think the online conversation needed input from every white person with a social media audience. And we assume that many people roll their eyes at social commentary coming from a brand’s account. We don’t want to ever make a post that makes people think we’re using hugely important social/political issues to sell desserts. That said, some customers have been asking us to publicly state where we stand, so here it is.

We support the demonstrators in Durham and across the world, both in their right to speak out and in the cause they march for. To support marchers arrested in NC, we will be making a contribution to Emancipate NC’s Freedom Fighter Bond Fund this weekend. We also believe excessive use of force by police is one of many systemic problems in our criminal justice system. We recognize that these problems disproportionately burden Black people. Black lives matter. There must be justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many more.