Bus Event Request: Catered

From: $350.00

Our ice cream bus is an amazing addition to your celebration: corporate event, wedding, birthday, graduation, or anything else that’s fun. If you’d like to have us serve ice cream to your guests and have one person/organization pay for everyone, use this form to send us your event information and check our availability.

For an event where everyone is responsible for paying for their own ice cream, please use the Guests Pay request form instead.

When filling out the form, make sure to select your Duration first (in multiples of 30 minutes: e.g. a two-hour event would be 4 × 30 minutes), then your date, and finally the start time. Please make sure you’ve chosen correctly before continuing to the next page. Times that we are already booked will not show up below.

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The Fine Print

In exquisite detail, here’s all you need to know about booking, pricing, and billing for catered Bus events.

After submitting this request, you’ll get an automated acknowledgment that we’ve received it. We’ll then need to review our pricing and availability before sending another email letting you know whether we can take your booking.

If we are available, you’ll get a quote with two components: a per-serving price and a minimum price. Your final cost will be whichever is higher, and depends on how many guests we actually serve.

If you want to proceed, we’ll need a deposit—in the amount of 50% of the minimum—to hold the date. The emailed quote will contain a Pay Now link that allows you to pay securely online using a credit card.

After we receive your deposit, your date will be reserved. If you need to cancel for any reason, the deposit is not refundable, though at our discretion we may allow you to apply it to subsequent/rescheduled event requests. If there is an emergency that prevents us from getting to your event, we will of course refund your deposit in full.

When the event day arrives, the bus will show up at the specified time with around eight flavors from that week’s menu. You can contact us to discuss your selection around a week beforehand or just let us choose. We usually bring at least one dairy-free flavor.

At the event, we’ll count the servings we hand out and multiply it by the per-serving price quote. Your food cost will be this total or the minimum, whichever is higher. Within 2 business days of the event, we’ll send a final invoice that includes the following: your food cost, state/county sales tax, and 15% gratuity for our staff, minus the deposit paid. The gratuity amount is a recommendation: we can edit or remove it from the invoice upon request.

Our bus is 8 feet wide and about 22 feet long. We’ll need a reasonably level parking spot for it, as well as room to maneuver into the space. We can provide our own power, but it may require us to keep the engine running. If you can provide one 15–20 amp outlet, then we can reduce the engine noise and exhaust.

About the minimum quote: it may be based on a few factors, primarily ones related to our time commitment (e.g. travel time, attendance). If we estimate that serving all of your guests takes longer than your requested duration, we’ll let you know and use our estimate as the basis for the minimum. In most cases, the minimum will be at least $350.

Finally, we know how long it takes to set up and break down for serving, so we plan our arrival and departure times based on our own estimates. We assume that we’re free to do so. If you have requirements about when we need to be in place outside of the serving time window you choose, please be sure to let us know—it may affect pricing or availability.

That was a lot, right? We hope it was clear. If you think you want to request the Bus but still have questions, you can enter them on the following page before submitting your request.