The Physical World

If you’re trying to find our shop (or send us a nice postcard) our address is

117 Market St.
Durham, NC 27701

No solicitors, please. Job applications must be submitted online (see below). For charitable donations requests or sales pitches, use email. If you drop off a paper résumé or request letter, we’ll probably lose it.


To call the shop during business hours, dial 919-564-7999. We don’t check the voicemail for this number, so if you need to contact us when we’re closed, please try emailing.


You can email us at oc.ruolrapehtnull@maerceci.

Of course feel free to say hello on social media! We’re active on Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram.

Job Applicants

We’re not always hiring, but you can apply online anytime (applications are automatically deleted after 60 days). Instead of emailing or calling, please use the appropriate application form, which will help make sure we get all the information we need.

The online application provides space for your questions or comments, but if you need clarification before filling it out, you can always email us first.