Today’s Flavors

Here’s what we’re scooping now. We try our best to keep this page up to date. We may have additional flavors available in pints via our online ordering site.

  • Vanilla

    We use a combination of double-fold Mexican vanilla extract and Madagascar bourbon vanilla paste for this classic flavor.
  • Chocolate

    Made with cocoa powder and Callebaut chocolate.

  • Cookies and Cream

    Vanilla ice cream with Oreo sandwich cookie pieces.

  • Salted Butter Caramel

    Made with butter, cream, and lots of coarse sea salt, this is our most popular flavor.

  • Vietnamese Coffee

    Made with cold-brewed Bean Traders espresso beans and sweetened condensed milk

  • Tiramisu

    Mascarpone and espresso ice cream with ladyfingers mixed in. (Contains alcohol)

  • Strawberry

    We start with whole local strawberries and prep them by hand for this classic flavor.

  • Irish Coffee

    Made with coffee, whiskey, and Irish cream!

  • Milk Chocolate Tahini

    Made with Callebaut milk chocolate and tahini – like a chocolate-covered halva bar!

  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal

    Beverly’s creation! Rolled oats, brown sugar, warm spices. Already a staff favorite.

  • Coney Island Adventure

    A vanilla-caramel ice cream with chocolate-covered waffle cones and Caramel Delites.

  • Milk Tea with Shortbread

    Taiwanese-style milk tea ice cream with Trefoils mixed in.

  • Nectarine Mascarpone

    NC nectarines are cooked into a jam, then we blend them into our ice cream base along with mascarpone cheese.

  • Guava Cheesecake

    Guava ice cream with cheesecake pieces.

  • London Fog

    Rishi London Fog is combined with NC dairy and Madagascar vanilla extract for an ice cream reminiscent of that well-known coffeehouse beverage.

  • Salty Malty Vanilla

    Just exactly what it sounds like. Malt powder and sea salt in our vanilla base.

  • Apple pie

    Made with NC apples and pieces of housemade pie crust!

  • Pistachio

    Made with 100% pure Sicilian pistachio paste.

  • S'mores

    Made with torched marshmallows and chocolate covered graham crackers.

  • Vegan Pumpkin Pie (Vegan)

    A cashew-coconut-oat base with pumpkin, spices, and crushed graham crackers.

  • Mango Tajín Sorbet (Vegan)

    Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

  • Guanábana Lime Sorbet (Vegan)

    Guanábana a/k/a Soursop, a tropical fruit, makes for a super refreshing sorbet

  • Vegan Chocolate (Vegan)

    Both semi-sweet and dark chocolate are melted into a coconut milk base for a super smooth and creamy vegan ice cream. Probably the best vegan ice cream we’ve made yet.

  • Chocolate Banana (Vegan)

    As delicious as it sounds, this flavor’s coconut milk base makes it vegan.