Online Payment Terms and Conditions

This website allows online payment for several types of orders. Before submitting credit card information for any payment on this site, please make sure you read and understand these terms and conditions.

Party Room Booking

Private parties on The Parlour’s premises are 2 hours and are priced with a flat fee based on number of guests and other options chosen during reservation. Full payment is required in advance at the time the booking is made. The customer may cancel the booking at any time before the party date. In case of a customer cancelation more than 30 days before the party date, payment will be refunded in full. If the customer cancels 30 days or less before the party date, The Parlour will refund all but a $100 reservation fee. If The Parlour cancels the booking for any reason, full payment will be refunded.

Bus Booking

Site visitors may use this site to request a booking for The Parlour’s Bus to appear at catered events, wherein one party pays for all service; or non-catered events, wherein guests pay for their own ice cream. Bus booking inquiries use the site’s Shopping Cart and Checkout functionality and may display a price. However, submitting an initial request for the bus does not finalize a booking, nor does it commit the visitor to any payment. Availability and pricing will always be confirmed by The Parlour’s management before payment is requested.

Catered event booking

The final price for a catered event will depend on the amount of food served and subject to a predetermined minimum price. The initial booking form will display a suggested minimum, but this is not necessarily the final price.

After receiving a request, The Parlour will quote a pre-tax minimum price based on the time commitment involved. We may also include an estimated total if we believe the final price is likely to substantially exceed the minimum. If the customer agrees to this quote, The Parlour will invoice the customer for a deposit in the amount of 50% of the pre-tax minimum. The invoice will include a link enabling the customer to pay online at this website. The booking will not be confirmed until the deposit is paid.

The customer may cancel a booking online before or after paying a deposit. Deposits will not be refunded if the customer cancels. If The Parlour cancels the booking for any reason, the deposit will be refunded in full.

After a catered event is completed, The Parlour will send an invoice for the remaining balance after tax is added and the deposit is applied. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the customer will pay online.

Non-catered event booking

For public or private events where guests are responsible for buying their own food, organizers must still request the bus using the online booking form. In most cases, The Parlour will decide whether to participate based on our assessment of the event’s potential. No request made through this site will be finalized until The Parlour has confirmed their participation via email.

For some events, our participation may depend on a revenue guarantee from the organizer. In such a case, we will name a minimum (gross) revenue level for the event. After the event, if our sales (excluding taxes and tips) do not meet or exceed the minimum, we will invoice the organizer for the difference. For any event where we request a guarantee, we will explain this via to the organizer via email, and the booking will only be finalized if the organizer acknowledges via email their agreement to the guarantee.

For non-catered events booked without a guarantee, The Parlour reserves the right to cancel in the case of inclement weather.