It’s our ten-year shop anniversary!

I’ve been making a little list in my head of all my proudest moments in the past ten years. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, when my dad visited the U.S. for the first time in thirty years and he was actually excited to wait in line for our ice cream (even though we told him he could cut the line! Typical dad behavior.) Then there was the day I finally got the corn ice cream recipe right. The first time I made a perfect soft serve cone. And I can’t forget visiting the farm where we source our dairy, and meeting the people working hard to supply us.


Now it’s time to thank everyone who has supported us through the years; we definitely couldn’t do it without you. So come celebrate our ten-year anniversary all weekend! Here’s some of the fun stuff we’re doing:

Friday through Sunday, we’ll be running the drunken sailor sundae as a special, and $1 from each sundae sold will go to the APS of Durham.

Sunday from 12-3 pm we’ll have free face painting and balloon twisting, and from 3-4 we’ll have a prize wheel set up at the counter (with a chance to win free ice cream and merch!)

Monday will be our first Monday back open in…forever, and we’ll be serving FREE SINGLE SCOOPS ALL DAY!* Or until we run out of ice cream. This might be a crazy idea, but we just wanted to show how much we love and appreciate y’all. See you soon!

*Free singles in cups or cake/sugar cones, with rainbow sprinkles if desired. Be cool, man!