We serve our handmade ice cream in a variety of permanent and rotating flavors. Check the flavors below, or skip down to see the full ice cream menu with prices. Stop by the shop to find out about specials, housemade baked goods, and drinks.


Today’s flavors

  • Vanilla

    We use a combination of double-fold Mexican vanilla extract and Madagascar bourbon vanilla paste for this classic flavor.
  • Chocolate

    Made with cocoa powder and Callebaut chocolate.

  • Cookies and Cream

    Vanilla ice cream with pieces of sandwich cookies.

  • Salted Butter Caramel

    Made with butter, cream, and lots of coarse sea salt, this is our most popular flavor.

  • Vietnamese Coffee

    Why “Vietnamese”? We use espresso beans (from Bean Traders) and sweetened condensed milk, just like you’d get in a Vietnamese restaurant (or a Thai restaurant, or Guglhupf)

  • Honey Lavender

    Lavender flower water, local wildflower honey. This flavor will make you feel like you’re drifting through a field in Provence…or maybe that’s just us.

  • Pumpkin

    It’s decorative gourd season, y’all

  • London Fog

    Earl grey tea and oil of bergamot are steeped in cream for an ice cream reminiscent of that well-known coffeehouse beverage.

  • Dulce de Leche

    Delicious Argentine milk caramel, with a hint of vanilla.

  • Malted Cinnamon

    Two flavors that work wonderfully together. Tastes like a cinnamon bun.

  • Bourbon Butter Pecan

    First, we make a sauce with butter, cream, brown sugar, vanilla, and of course, bourbon. Then we add that to our ice cream base, along with toasted pecan pieces.

  • Vegan Ginger-ginger (Vegan)

    Coconut-ginger base with pieces of candied ginger mixed in.

  • Meyer Lemon Sorbet (Vegan)

    SUPER tart. Made with lots of Meyer lemon juice, obviously.

  • Vegan Chocolate (Vegan)

    Both semi-sweet and dark chocolate are melted into a coconut milk base for a super smooth and creamy vegan ice cream. Probably the best vegan ice cream we’ve made yet.


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