We serve handmade ice cream in a variety of permanent and rotating flavors. The flavors below are for our downtown shop on Market St. Check The Parlour Junior to see what’s available in our window on Iredell St.

You can skip past the flavor list to see the full ice cream menu including prices. To find out about specials, housemade baked goods, and drinks, stop by the Market St. shop!

Today’s flavors

  • Vanilla

    We use a combination of double-fold Mexican vanilla extract and Madagascar bourbon vanilla paste for this classic flavor.
  • Chocolate

    Made with cocoa powder and Callebaut chocolate.

  • Cookies and Cream

    Vanilla ice cream with Oreo sandwich cookie pieces.

  • Honey Lavender

    Lavender flower water, wildflower honey. This flavor will make you feel like you’re drifting through a field in Provence… or maybe that’s just us.

  • Salted Butter Caramel

    Made with butter, cream, and lots of coarse sea salt, this is our most popular flavor.

  • Vietnamese Coffee

    Made with cold-brewed Bean Traders espresso beans and sweetened condensed milk

  • Orange Cream

    Remember those popsicles you ate as a kid? Yeah, just like those.

  • Hojicha Milk Tea

    Made with Arteao hojicha and condensed milk.

  • Strawberry

    We start with whole local strawberries and prep them by hand for this classic flavor.

  • Pistachio Cardamom Shortbread

    A cardamom ice cream base with toasted pistachio pieces and Trefoil cookies!

  • Malted Milk Chocolate

    Made with milk chocolate and malted milk powder. Delicious! Make it amazing by adding hot fudge and malt powder as a topping too!

  • Strawberry Raspberry Sorbet (Vegan)

    With strawberries! And raspberries!

  • Toasted Coconut Oreo (Vegan)

    A coconut milk base with Oreo pieces and toasted coconut extract.

  • Piña Colada (Vegan)

    Our vegan coconut “ice cream” base, with pineapple and Cruzan pineapple rum mixed in.

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