New Menu Items!

Hey everyone,

We’re going to try something new this week, so don’t be surprised if the online shop looks a bit different. We’re taking the half pints off the menu and switching to single and double scoops to go instead. This means you can get one or two scoops in a cup to go, with toppings! (Yep, we’ve got lids too, don’t you worry.) We’ll have a slightly smaller variety of pint flavors in favor of having more options for scooped-to-order ice cream. We’ll also have two varieties of vegan soft serve and some vegan toppings. And we’ll have three types of ice cream sandwiches: strawberry ice cream with white chocolate-funfetti cookies, vanilla ice cream with fudge and malted milk chocolate chip cookies, and milk chocolate ice cream with candied hazelnuts and chocolate-hazelnut cookies.

Keep in mind that there are still just two of us working in the shop, so please be patient with us while we try this experiment out! See you Wednesday!