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Announcement: Closed Monday, June 30th.

Sorry for the short notice, folks, but we will be closed tomorrow (Monday, June 30, 2014). We just replaced most of our refrigerators and freezers with a walk-in cooler. To prepare for the installation, we had to whittle down our supply of refrigerated and frozen goods (i.e. most of the things we sell). Then the installation (and subsequent total kitchen reorganization) took longer than we expected, so we couldn’t start Sunday production in time to make enough ice cream for Monday.

Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to scooping up treats for y’all on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Announcement: Closed Monday, June 30th.

  1. Do you ever make any “no sugar added” flavors? We diabetics love ice cream too and the NSA flavors are a godsend. Just wondering…

  2. Hey Joe, we just saw your comment! At the moment we don’t make any no sugar added flavors, as there just hasn’t been enough demand. I’m sorry!

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