Customized Ice Cream Cake

From: $35.00

Create your own ice cream cake with a variety of flavors and add-ins, in the same 3 sizes as our signature cakes.

Size/Style * 

Bottom Flavor * 

Chose an ice cream flavor for the base of your cake.

Top Flavor

Choose another ice cream flavor to go on top. If you forget to pick one, we’ll use whatever you chose for the bottom layer.

Add-in 1

Choose your first add-in. We’ll use our ice cream wisdom to determine which add-ins should go on top vs. in the middle.

Whipped Cream?

Would you like whipped cream on top?


We can write a short message on your cake using fudge sauce (if you chose all vegan options, we’ll use the vegan chocolate sauce)

Add-in 2

Choose a second add-in, if you like.


If our signature cake varieties don’t strike your fancy, you can create your own! Choose up to 2 ice cream flavors and up to 2 add-ins. Please note: if you choose “other” for one or more flavors, you should use the notes field at Checkout to tell us your choices. Check the Flavors page for the current selection. Because of changing production schedules, we may not be able to provide your first choice, so please specify at least one alternative.

If we cannot make your cake as ordered by the pickup day you request, we’ll contact you by phone or email.

Cake Ordering Information

To pick up your cake, just select the day and time block when you’d like to get it. Finished cakes are stored in a sub-zero freezer and should last a short trip in an air-conditioned car, but a cooler with ice packs is never a bad idea. For especially long trips or hot days, you may want to bring dry ice. In Durham, you can find dry ice at the MLK Parkway and Horton Road Harris Teeter locations. You’re welcome to enjoy your cake at the shop, but of course we can’t promise you seating. If you’re going to be more than two hours later than your scheduled pickup time, you can call the shop at 919-564-7999 to let us know. Please see our terms and conditions for our information on refunds/cancellation.