We’ve got some good news…and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news first. Unfortunately, construction on our shop’s expansion is undergoing some major delays. Going through a brick wall in a multi-story building is pretty complicated. Since expanding the shop means cutting through a brick masonry wall, that also means finding a way to reinforce that wall and keep it holding up the building. The way to do that is to put in some steel beams and concrete footers under the floor, on firmly packed soil.

About that firmly packed soil though – eight feet deep, and the soil’s still not so firm.

IMG_4156 IMG_4155

So our contractor is working out a solution, but problem-solving takes time. Not to mention, cutting through concrete and brick walls is super noisy, so that work can only happen after hours so as not to make our neighbors and landlord crazy (we love you guys!)

In any case, our shop won’t reopen in February. But here’s the good news – we’re working on ways to have our bus out every day as soon as the weather gets nice, and we hope you’ll come out to the bus once we’ve got a regular spot!  We aim to have it out all day every warm day, because we really, really want to sell you ice cream. Trust us. And we’ve already got this year’s stock of Thin Mints just waiting to go into a batch of Girl Scout Mint ice cream.

We’re also still taking orders for Valentine’s Day, so check out our order form! We’re selling pints, half-pints, and ice cream cakes, in some old favorite flavors and some Valentine’s-themed flavors as well. And if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, you’ll be able eat our ice cream at Dashi in just a few days! We’re making some really great stuff, including fresh ginger ice cream, miso caramel ice cream, and a plum-sake sorbet. Here’s miso caramel in the making.


Butter, sugar.



The magic of magnetic cooking! (We use induction to make our caramel.)


And, of course, the miso. We add it after the caramel cooks, to preserve the miso’s integrity.

If you try the miso caramel ice cream at Dashi, let us know what you think!




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  1. Kyle says:

    If you make black seams ice cream for Dashi you’d be my heroes! That and houjicha (roasted green tea) were my favorite ice cream flavors in Japan 🙂

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