Spring happenings!

Hey everyone! It’s finally feeling a little like spring around here (yeah, we know, the first OFFICIAL day of spring is a while off, but hey, it’s North Carolina.)

With that in mind, we’ve decided March is a great time to start opening our doors 7 days a week. We’re also going back to our “busy season” hours. So, starting on Friday March 7th, we’ll be opening at noon again. Sundays through Thursdays, hours will be noon to ten p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, hours will be noon to eleven p.m. March 10th will be our first Monday open.

Our second piece of news is something that’s been in the works for, well, YEARS. We are finally going to start offering ice cream flights! For now, these will only be available on Friday evenings. Every week, we will pick a theme, and offer a four-flavor flight that’s only available that day, with flavors and toppings you won’t find on the regular menu. Flight service begins on Friday March 7th, and the theme is the Caribbean, where Mrs. Parlour grew up. And yes, we will be playing lots of reggae and calypso music that night! We will post the menu closer to the 7th, both here and on facebook.

Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions for future flight themes, and we’ll pick our favorite for the second flight! The winner gets a free flight on us.


Holiday Hours

Christmas and New Year’s are fast approaching. You’re probably wondering what our holiday hours are going to be like! Here are the important details.


We’re closing early Christmas Eve, so we’ll be open just four hours, from 2:00–6:00 pm.

For Christmas Day, we were thinking of opening for maybe four or five hours, depending on demand. We haven’t actually finalized the specifics.. If you were thinking of strolling around downtown on Christmas day, let us know in the comments what time you would want us to be open. (Don’t worry, we’re not making our employees work; it’ll just be Mr. and Mrs. Parlour!)

If you’d like to stock up on pints to have at home for the holiday, they’ll be on sale the weekend before Christmas!

New Year’s

We will be open standard hours on New Year’s Eve, but Closed New Year’s Day.

Winter Break

We’re taking some time off at the beginning of January to unwind and do some business planning for the year ahead. So the shop will be Closed from January 1st–13th. We’ll reopen Tuesday the 14th.

Ice cream brunch? Yes.

Here at The Parlour HQ (aka our dining room table, for now) we’ve been talking about having a once-monthly Sunday ice cream brunch. I think we came up with the idea after seeing Molly Moon mention serving oatmeal topped with ice cream at one of their shops. Since we’re curious about whether this is something folks would actually be interested in, here’s a sample menu we’ve been fiddling around with:


Slow-cooked steel cut oats topped with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream and housemade preserves

Buttermilk pancakes topped with banana ice cream, pecans, and maple syrup

House granola+your choice of yogurt, non-dairy milk, or a scoop of frozen yogurt

Sourdough cinnamon rolls, seasonal scones and coffee cakes

And, of course, fresh juice, espresso drinks and hand-dripped coffees.


So what do y’all think? Would you come out for ice cream brunch? Our seating will be a bit more limited than most restaurants, so we’d probably make the hours longer than most brunch places. And in the summertime there will be plenty of room out in the plaza/in front of the shop. Let us know what you think in the comments (or if you’ve got any menu suggestions), and we’ll pick a random commenter to win a jar of our granola!

Things are happening (and other stuff too.)

Well, we’ve just returned from what is sure to be our last vacation in a looong time. I’m calling it the Mini Ice Cream Tour of the Northeast. We consumed ice cream from Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Capogiro (okay, that was gelato…and we went at least three times), The Franklin Fountain, Arethusa, and the Farmer’s Cow. Most of our ice cream eating was done in Philly, the city we moved from, and the reason we opened an ice cream business. For some reason, there are way more ice cream joints in the northeast than down south. When we moved here, we were stunned (surprised? some other word?) at the lack of ice cream parlours in our new town. So when Yoni decided grad school wasn’t for him, it seemed only natural that we’d fill the ice cream void in Durham. Now that we make ice cream for a living, it’s interesting to go back to the places we used to frequent and see if they’re as good as we remembered (mostly, yes!) Read more

The beet is the most intense of vegetables.

A while back I was strolling through the Durham Farmers’ Market and got gifted a bunch (well, quite a few bunches) of beets from Lil’ Farm. We decided to make a test batch, since we’d heard of other folks making beet ice cream:

We started with a Thomas Keller recipe, and churned it in our home ice cream maker. The first batch was delicious, so we decided to tweak the recipe a bit and make a batch to sell! Our beet ice cream is mostly beet, with just a bit of orange and some vanilla bean paste. We’re not trying to hide the flavor; as Tom Robbins said, “Beets are deadly serious.”

What’s the strangest ice cream flavor you’ve tasted or made? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll pick a random winner to receive a pint of the beet ice cream!

Slow week, busy week…

Hello, ice cream fans!

This is kind of a strange week for us. We’ll be out with the bus a little less than usual, so in that respect it’ll be kind of slow. Besides our regular Rigsbee appearances Wednesday & Sunday, we’ll be at Oval Park on Thursday night and the Farmers Market Saturday morning. If you foresee intense ice cream cravings, please plan accordingly.

Aside from the light scooping schedule, there’s a lot going on this week. For one thing, the final results of this year’s Best of the Triangle survey are being published in the Indy. Notifications went out a few weeks ago, so know that we’re a finalist or winner in the Frozen Dessert category, but until we won’t know which until Wednesday. Either way, we’re thrilled to have made it into the listings, since we weren’t even in business for a year when voting ended! And we’re excited to see the rest of the results after seeing the occasional finalist announcement on the internet here and there.

“Okay,” you’re saying, “but that’s no excuse for the light scooping schedule, is it?” And you’re right, we could just read the results on our phones while selling ice cream, but there’s more. We’re putting the finishing touches on the text and video for that Kickstarter campaign we mentioned, and we’ll be launching it any day now. We’ve also got lots of meetings coming up to compare spaces and work on business planning. 

We’re also taking a little time for friends and family this week! Mr. Parlour’s mom is coming to visit for a few days, and she’s bringing her mom, whom we haven’t seen in years! We obviously have to spend at least a little time with them. And some friends of ours are getting married on Saturday, so we’re taking that evening off to help celebrate. (Of course, that we’re not appearing at the Indy’s Best Of Party that night, but you should still go and check out lots of other Best Of winners and finalists!)

So we hope you’ll let us slide a little for this week’s relative lack of ice cream service. We assure you we’ll be picking up the slack for the rest of June. It’s almost summer, our employees need the hours, and you folks need delicious ice cream! See you out there soon!